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Hi, I'm Qeric Koten, inventor of Right 'Bove Touch

Stop Hand Debilitation with RBT Click Relief, Follow Me on TikTok @QuadraClicks

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​RBT Eliminates RSI, bypassing vulnerable tissues

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"Quadra Clicks RBT mouse reduces tendon stress and simultaneously provides less muscle fatigue for increased accuracy and performance as compared to conventional computer mouse devices. Most importantly, it will greatly reduce the probability of acquiring a tendon pathology like carpal tunnel syndrome. "

Dr. Maik Zannakis Neurophysiologist, Bioengineer, and Medical Director @CarpalRX 

Download RBT Software For Windows Only

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Download Dr. Zannakis' Report & Endorsement Letter

Download RBT's Onboarding Tutorial Guide

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8780 19th St #152, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701, USA

(408) 758-8695‬

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